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“Hey Yah Hey” Lyrics and Media

sometimes it almost feels like the time away was never real recall the mountian trail with the helicopters overhead https://t.co/ef4QcyVD2F — Japan Soul (@JPNSL) September 28, 2013 @JPNSL we spent a year dreamin up ways that we could dislocate when we finally woke up we were gone …


“Transparent” lyrics: Twitter edition

“Transparent” by Japan Soul is a subversive song grappling with surveillance culture and public apathy in the age of NSA & Edward Snowden—though written before. she likes to party she likes to run around she's spinnin' stories she'll tell you up is down it's …


Plastic Utopia lyrics: Twitter edition

plastic utopia social myopia human touch replaced by avatars getting older and i'm getting scared https://t.co/iIq0IYgONi — Japan Soul (@JPNSL) September 28, 2013 @JPNSL I still want to believe that you want to be with me runnin circles on the wheel of life we try to be …