Jason Paul’s top albums of 2013

Empire of the Sun – Ice on the Dune EOTS has created the best pop album I’ve ever heard. I was already a fan of Walking on a Dream. I didn’t think they could top that wonderful album. But they …


“Hey Yah Hey” Lyrics and Media

sometimes it almost feels like the time away was never real recall the mountian trail with the helicopters overhead — Japan Soul (@JPNSL) September 28, 2013 @JPNSL we spent a year dreamin up ways that we could dislocate when we finally woke up we were gone …


“Hey Yah Hey” video director, Christopher Arcella’s screening poster

Check this art for our HEY YAH HEY video by director @chrisarcella. Now screening on @mtvU! — Japan Soul (@JPNSL) December 12, 2013

Japan Soul’s video for “Hey Yah Hey” win’s mtvU’s The Freshmen!

Thank you for all the votes. You did it. We did it. This is so exciting. Our video for Hey Yah Hey will be in the official rotation of mtvU’s The Freshmen program for the next 3 weeks (and hopefully …


Vote for Japan Soul’s video “Hey Yah Hey” on MTVu’s The Freshmen!

We’re on mtvU’s video voting contest The Freshmen. The winner’s video gets on to mtvU’s rotation. This is a great opportunity for our band. Please help us win The Freshmen by voting for our video “Hey Yah Hey”. You can …


“Transparent” lyrics: Twitter edition

“Transparent” by Japan Soul is a subversive song grappling with surveillance culture and public apathy in the age of NSA & Edward Snowden—though written before. she likes to party she likes to run around she's spinnin' stories she'll tell you up is down it's …


sRe remixes “Hey Yah Hey, Forever, Never Throwback Mix” for Jason Paul’s birthday

There’s a “Hey Yah Hey” remix EP in the works which will be released at the end of the year. sRe (a longtime friend and collaborator of Jason’s) has debuted the first HYH remix track.  The “Forever, Never Throwback Mix”. …


Plastic Utopia lyrics: Twitter edition

plastic utopia social myopia human touch replaced by avatars getting older and i'm getting scared — Japan Soul (@JPNSL) September 28, 2013 @JPNSL I still want to believe that you want to be with me runnin circles on the wheel of life we try to be …


Japan Soul records Plastic Utopia Urban Campfire Live Edition

So this weekend we got together to record some live acoustic versions of songs from our new single EP which is coming out really soon. The single EP will feature remixes by each member of Japan Soul. It also will …


Japan Soul live radio interview 4/11 7pm EST

Japan Soul will be doing a live radio interview on Jammin Jukebox radio on April 11, 7pm EST. Tune in!